Couples Therapy


 Are You Ready to Awaken Your Heart, Ignite Joy, and Experience Relationship Satisfaction?

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

            Antoine de Saint Exupery

Does a lack of emotional or sexual connection make you frustrated and angry?

Have you become distant and trapped by desperation and loneliness?

Do conflicts become irreconcilable and turn your relationship sour?

Do you struggle to balance business and family life?

Is infidelity threatening your relationship?

The Magic of Love

Do you remember when you were both in love and your relationship was magical? Emotionally connected, you were free to give and receive love. You were able to overlook your partner’s imperfections. You were less impacted by your own unresolved childhood wounds or previous relationship injuries, and your relationship felt like a safe haven. You both believed that this would never change.

Challenges in Relationships are Inevitable

When life caves in, even the best relationships are in for big challenges. Now, in such a meltdown, you and your partner are caught in a negative interaction pattern and stuck in a negative cycle.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is STILL HOPE!

There is still love. It is absolutely possible to rebuild the emotional connection and reawaken your desire and passion with the love of your life.

Conflict is essential to growth, personal development, and intimacy

In my couples therapy work, I help guide couples to grow individually and together. Your emotional and sexual intimacy will increase as you gain a sense of differentiation. As your relationship to yourself deepens, so will your relationship with your partner. The result is that both of you reach an optimum level of satisfaction with your love.

In couples therapy you will:

  • Gain insight into the “blindside” that keeps you in the same relationship patterns
  • Have increased awareness of those things that keep you trapped in a negative cycle
  • Learn to heal past relationship injuries
  • Learn to transform insecurity, the enemy of relationship, into trust and self-confidence
  • Learn to listen and communicate with genuine care
  • Experience a stronger Self, a deepened intimacy, and an increased quality of love in your relationship with minimal relapse.

What if my partner doesn’t want to come to couples therapy?

Difficulties always happen in relationships. To change or improve problematic situations both sides need to be involved. By having both of you in the same room, you will benefit from tips on how to communicate better and have a more satisfying relationship. When it comes to asking your partner to join you in this the couples therapy process, here are some useful guidelines.

  • Stay away from ultimatums
  • To avoid blame, use the word “I” to communicate how important it is from your perspective to work on certain issues
  • Focus on the benefits of participating together in counseling
  • Invite your partner to search together to find the right therapist

Remember that you love your partner and getting the help you desire stems from the belief that you two can have a healthier and happier relationship.


Why would this experience be different than with any other therapist?

Many couples don’t continue with couples therapy because one of them feels left out, misunderstood, or blamed for the problems they’re having in their relationship.

As an experienced therapist, I recognize that both partners are contributing to the problems which they want to solve. With intuition, skillfulness, and compassionate directness, I help you discover that you are in the same boat and are, together, able to save it from sinking. I can help you return to that magical, emotionally connected relationship where you started.

There are a lot of therapists in town, why should we choose you?

There are several things that set me apart from other therapists:

  • I know how painful struggling in your relationship can be.  I’ve made a number of mistakes in relationships and have had my share of despair and sorrow.  You don’t have to make the same mistakes!
  • My approach is that I never give up on my clients as long they willing to stay in the relationship or marriage. As one of my clients says, “Klara has saved my life and my marriage over and over again. Every time we went through a rough spot in our life or relationship, Klara was there to help us get out of it and emerge stronger than we went in. At various times over the years she has helped us avoid common pitfalls like divorce that can be costly and damaging on children. Anytime we need her, she is there for us. No matter how bad things get, we know that Klara will be able to help us resolve it. I recommend her to anyone who needs a little extra help with their marriage now and then.”– Michael E.
  • I provide a safe and accepting environment for discussing and processing relationship issues regardless of sexual preference, gender, cultural or spiritual orientation.
  • I offer a 30-minute consultation at no charge so you can see how you feel and whether you think we are a good match for one another. If we are not a good match, I will gladly refer you to another therapist who might be a better fit for you.

What kind of couples do you work with?

Most of the people who come to see me for couples therapy are married professionals, or professionals in a committed relationship. I see heterosexual couples, as well as GLB couples. I connect to the best in you and, with collaboration, I help your relationship attain its highest potential. Successful relationships are building blocks to a strong family life and a healthy society.

Are you ready to have the most extraordinary relationship possible? Call for a free 30 minute consultation!