Individual Therapy

shutterstock_158902823 mother daughterIs it time to create the life you truly want and be the best person you can be, as well as to flourish both personally and in your relationship?

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln

People seek individual therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from seeking a greater understanding of themselves, to personal growth, or maybe to identify something wrong and feel better. That “something wrong” feeling is sometimes hidden from us. It is in our “blind spot.”  You may find that maintaining healthy relationships is a great challenge. Anger or frustration keeps you in conflict with others.  You long for a long-term partnership but are fearful it will never last. You can’t commit and settle for less. A current breakup makes your heart ache and you feel depressed and anxious. “Will I ever have another relationship?” Is worrying and fearfulness blocking your happiness and keeping you from a satisfying relationship?  Questioning your self-worth might push you into the bitter cold of isolation. Loneliness and sadness become your companions.

You are not the only one struggling! Individual therapy can unlock solutions and provide the support you need.

Life has a way of getting the better of us and sometimes we need a radical transformation to respond to its demands and avoid being swept away. This transformation allows us to look deeply into the imperfect self that we call our humanness.  Discovering and embracing this hidden treasure that was buried deeply a long time ago only happens in relationships.

There is still Hope!

When you experience relationships as a struggle, you may feel lost, lonely, worried, frustrated and hurt.  When we’re trapped in these human conditions, we have no idea how to reach out or turn things around. My life-long experience of walking this road before you,including making many mistakes and having many heartbreaks, qualifies me to share that you don’t have to feel stuck or powerless any longer. You can start your journey into the sunlight right now.

Imagine having tools that take the pain away and allow you to Reclaim Your Power over any situation.

Susan is a 52-year-old single mother who was referred to me by the court. She has been divorced for 5 years and has a 10-year-old-son. She has been fighting with Dad and his family the last couple of years because her son complains about his stepmother’s “rude” behavior. Mom is overly protective of her son and is depressed and anxious.  She worries a lot about her son’s well-being. She also interferes with her son’s relationship with his father. I worked with her for 3 months. During this time she learned to withhold her difficult and negative feelings from her son. She let him play outside and allowed his peers to spend the night with him. She was able to recognize her unrealistic fears because of her self-awareness. She learned that some situations are not that big a deal. When she started to worry, she was able to stop her thought process. At the end of the 3 months she felt happier and became self-confident.  Other people recognized the change in her. She shared in individual therapy that she felt she was a bad mother, but now she feels she is just another human being with problems to handle.

My special unique toolbox is designed to find solutions for any problem and create sustainable results.

George is a professional. Overwhelmed by job-related stress and relationship difficulties, he was angry and frustrated by any little thing that happened around the house.  This created ongoing conflict that kept him emotionally and sexually distant from his wife. His racing thoughts caused sleeping disturbances and put a toll on his job performance. He was depressed.  Through working with me, in individual therapy, he became aware that taking care of himself was crucial. He learned about mindfulness meditation which he practiced diligently daily. He was able to recognize his negative self-talk and was able to redirect it successfully. He started to exercise and eat right. His mood improved tremendously in a short period of time. His strong emotions were under control and he was able to communicate with his wife authentically.

I help people develop a more satisfying relationships.

In individual therapy you will:

  • Heighten your self-awareness
  • Develop more confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn to manage anxiety and painful emotions in a healthy way
  • Leave behind self-defeating patterns
  • Heal relationship injuries
  • Experience self-growth and balance in your life
  • Increase kindness and compassion toward yourself and toward your partner
  • Have deeper intimacy and greater satisfaction in your relationship

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist takes both patience and courage. It is essential that the therapist you choose is a good fit for your treatment. You want someone you can connect with, who makes you feel comfortable, whom you can trust, and who will meet your therapist needs. You need someone who treats you with integrity and professionalism, as well as respecting confidentiality.  Does the therapist have appointment times that fit with your schedule, and accepts your insurance? Is the office in a convenient location, and is the treatment affordable? It is important that the counselor’s areas of specialization and experience fit you. Make sure that the therapy approach fits with your values and worldview.

Why should I choose you over other therapists?

“Klara is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of our hearts and minds and also our relationships. She is able to quickly understand what is happening in your life and able to zero in on the underlying mechanics of what is happening inside you and why. Her experience is real and practical, not just academic. I was surprised with how quickly she was able to understand my situation and my relationships and really appreciate the advice she gave to me.” – Jason W.

What kinds of people do you help?

I have found that people who are drawn to work with me are age 25-55. Most of my clients are professional women or men. They may be single or in a relationship.  I help with anything from general dissatisfaction in relationship concerns, through to severe history with trauma.  I work with people who have seen therapists for many years and I work with people who have never been in counseling.  My training in Eastern Philosophy and my unique integration of  mind/body/spirit enable me to provide a value proposition for each distinctive set of concerns and experiences.

Take that step now and call for your free 30-minute consultation!